Multraship Salvage handles dozens of dry and wet salvage operations each year, involving all types of vessels, including casualties which present an environmental threat. Multraship's salvage teams consist of highly experienced salvage masters and crew who have wide experience with complex salvage and wreck removal operations. They have been responsible for the safe recovery of vessels and cargoes worth millions of dollars and for extensive action to safeguard the marine environment.

Multraship operates a large fleet of tugs, floating sheerlegs, multi-purpose vessels and rescue tenders, equipped with modern salvage and fire-fighting equipment. A range of salvage equipment, including fixed and transportable pumps, hoses, firefighting apparatus, patching equipment, hydraulic cranes, etc. is held both on board and in store. Multraship has a large network of suppliers of additional equipment that may be required for any kind of salvage operation. 

In most cases salvage services are performed on behalf of the international shipping community (Underwriters and/or Protection and Indemnity Clubs). However, assignments are also performed for port authorities, offshore interests, governments and other parties. Salvage operations are carried out Internationally.

The company has an impressive track record of memorable salvage operations and wreck removals carried out both independent as well as jointly with other salvors such as Castillo de Salas, Pioner Onegi, AYA 2Pelican 1, Tricolor, Thor R, Kota Lagu and Fowairet

Most salvage operations are performed on the basis of Lloyd 's Standard Form of Salvage Agreement (LOF2011), the company's preferred and most commonly used type of salvage agreement, based on the "no cure, no pay" principle. 

Multraship is a dedicated member of the International Salvage Union, of which Leendert Muller is the immediate past President, served as President from September 2013 to September 2015.